cypionate testosterone


Inside, in the complex therapy : traumatic brain injury, post-operative period of neurosurgical operations, Meniere’s disease, postresuscitative syndrome, respiratory failure in infectious and inflammatory diseases (SARS, influenza, tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc.), As well as in the treatment of state is accompanied by acidosis. Externally : wounds, sores, erysipelas, burns, prevention of inflammatory complications in places cypionate testosterone¬†where the spokes of Ilizarov frame. Contraindications : Hypersensitivity, epilepsy, chronic renal failure of 2-3 degrees. Dosage and administration : Inside – after a meal with water. Adults 15-25 ml 3-4 times a day. Children 1-1.5 ml per 5 kg body weight 3-4 times a […]

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